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Marketing vs. Branding

You can say as much as you want in as many ways as you want about yourself, but until your target understands who you are, you are not a good brand.

diff between marketing and branding

Lazy Branding

I ran across this posting on‪, “Why Taglines Get A Bed Reputation – Bridgestone Tire Look at Bridgestone Tire’s Tagline… “How generic can this be? What’s the benefit to a Bridgestone customer? What company doesn’t strive for excellence? Imagine a company the size of Bridgestone with all their uniqueness coming up with this for a positioning?”

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So they’re basically saying Bridgestone was lazy? Could it possibly be that Bridgestone considered themselves so successful and well known that they believed the Bridgestone name would speak for itself?  What if they thought this ingenious tagline was just brilliant? Ha! Ok, I’m just playing devil’s advocate to prove a point…or rather agree with the brand identity guru’s point- taglines do matter! Even McDonald’s, whose name and golden arches are known worldwide has a tagline. The moment we become complacent with whatever level of success we may think we have is the moment we become irrelevant. Every part of your brand is important….neglect your brand, negate your success.

Rebranding Africa

President Obama in hana
As an African-American owner of a brand consulting firm, this article in today’s edition of the New York Times drew my attention immediately. It talks about the significance of President Obama’s visit to Ghana today and why he chose Ghana over Kenya. He ends the article with this statement:
“African is not just Barack Obama’s homeland. It’s ours too. The birthplace of humanity. Wherever our journeys have taken us, they all began there….until we accept and appreciate this we cannot be fully whole. Could it be that all Americans are, in that sense, African-Americans?
I wonder…does Africa need to be re-branded? If so, who owns this re-branding process? Are we waiting for “others” (unacknowledged) to do it? Will the world one day accept/believe the knowledge that we are all one race? What do you think?
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