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Archive for July 20, 2009

Lazy Branding

I ran across this posting on‪, “Why Taglines Get A Bed Reputation – Bridgestone Tire Look at Bridgestone Tire’s Tagline… “How generic can this be? What’s the benefit to a Bridgestone customer? What company doesn’t strive for excellence? Imagine a company the size of Bridgestone with all their uniqueness coming up with this for a positioning?”

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So they’re basically saying Bridgestone was lazy? Could it possibly be that Bridgestone considered themselves so successful and well known that they believed the Bridgestone name would speak for itself?  What if they thought this ingenious tagline was just brilliant? Ha! Ok, I’m just playing devil’s advocate to prove a point…or rather agree with the brand identity guru’s point- taglines do matter! Even McDonald’s, whose name and golden arches are known worldwide has a tagline. The moment we become complacent with whatever level of success we may think we have is the moment we become irrelevant. Every part of your brand is important….neglect your brand, negate your success.