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The Purple Cow

purple cow
I read “The Purple Cow” by Seth Godin for a brand management class in grad school I loved it before I read it. Why? Because of the packaging…not only was it titled “the purple cow” but the book cover was designed like a purple cow and the book itself was one of those small “gift-sized” books” which are sized to make us think its an easy read that has profound wisdom in a small package.
Well when my class group was assigned this book to review and present we ended up being split on whether or not we thought the book itself was a real purple cow or a fad.

The marketing was purple cow, packaging of a milk carton, sample, free offers, design.

The core concept of the book was to create something remarkable and people will flock to it…kind of like a if you build it they will come…..but isn’t that common sense….if ur products drying up, find something fresh and innovative and go for it. I think its a solid concept but not new. I think he just explained it in a different framework, one seth had developed in other books, “permission marketing” and “idea virus”

Is it true that you’re either a purple cow or not?  Is it really as black and white…or purple and white as Seth suggests?