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The Best Global Brands of 2009

The Best Global Brands of 2009


 Each year InterBrand publishes a list of the top brands.  This year Coca-Cola tops the list as it has for the past 9 years.  Check out the list here:

Brand Strength is one of the things considered when determining the top brands.  Outside of financial data, how can you assess the strength of your brand?  Better yet, how can you make your brand stronger?  When you look at brands like Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Disney, they all consistently give their customers what they expect.  Coke should not taste different on the west coast than on the east coast.  McDonalds’ fries should not be curly in New York and straight in San Francisco.  Disney’s cartoons should not be Winnie the Pooh and Transformers.  These brands have identified a set of attributes that describe their brand and ALL extensions of their brand are consistent with the attributes.  Subsequently customers return because they ALWAYS know what to expect.  How consistent is your brand?


There’s been lots of buzz around social media and whether or not it adds any value to your brand.  Well the truth of the matter is, social media is here and it is here to stay.  The key is to balance it with the rest of your branding activities so that it supports your brand.  BuzzLogic of San Francisco wrote an article in BusinessWeek that gives three simple tips for getting started with social media:

1 – Know your audience.

2 – Determine the players.

3 – Measure your success.

Read the entire article here:


These tips are simple and direct for entrepreneurs just venturing out into the world of social media, but there is one that is missing – KNOW YOURSELF!  Too often, we go in the direction of every fad that comes along without understanding exactly who we are.  Once you understand your brand, it will be easier to assess which media to use and how much to use them. By the way, when is the last time you had a thorough brand assessment?